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Social media post for social workers

Social workers tend to recognize the social and systemic factors that disenfranchise people of colour and advocate for justice. The Good Fight Training Conference is an opportunity to join with others to learn how to most effectively challenge and weaken growing movements of hatred and racism; and create policies and programs to increase social justice. This conference will help you empower people as they face racism and/or fascism, respond most effectively when faced with racism/hatred, and build communities that are more resistant to fascist groups. Join us September 14-16 for The Good Fight!  www.thegoodfightyeg.com


social media post for students

You're young. You have all of that night time energy. And you seriously cannot believe that people still think fascism is a good idea.

If you are ready to fight to ensure there is a world left for you once you graduate (sorry about that!) we want to fight with you. Join us at The Good Fight conference and learn from experts and your peers how to create a plan for justice and equality that works.

Your future is on the line. Join us for The Good Fight, September 14-16.















general social media post#1

Do you hate racism and fascism as much as I do?

Then join me September 14-16 for a training conference that'll give us the tools to create the world we want. With a keynote presentation and 8 different training sessions, you will be able to tailor your action plan to your unique skills and interests, and really make a difference. And at the end, you will have a solid, actionable plan to fight hate.

Come join The Good Fight with me! www.thegoodfightyeg.com


General Social Media Post #2

Does the rising tide of hate and racism makes you want to move to some utopian uber-country where nothing bad ever happens? Don't. They don't need you in the super-uber-utopian country. We do. We need you to fight right here at home. 

Come join the fight. The Good Fight.


(Also, the super-uber-utopian country doesn't exist. I made it up. This is what we've got, and we need to make it better.)


General social media post #3

You know what sucks? Racism. You know what sucks more? Not doing anything about racism.

Join us in the fight against racism and fascism. The good news - you don't need to know how yet. We'll do that part together.

September 14-16 at the University of Alberta. www.thegoodfightyeg.com